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The HAK-iQ mission is to equip all audiences with relevant cyber-threat intelligence and assistance with the goal of developing a tailored strategy for you and your company.

Currently, we deliver on this promise via our simple, yet informative Daily Digest. Additional services include providing resources for those addressing Boards of Directors, C-suite leadership, and IT/security teams.

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Profile: John Caruthers

John Caruthers headshot

John spent 27 years carrying out the FBI mission: To protect the American people and uphold the constitution. Prior to his retirement in the Fall of 2019, he led the Cyber National Security program in San Diego, and built and managed the Private Sector Engagement Program. John's FBI career left a deep impression in his soul and a need to help individuals and industry in the fight against both physical and cyber-based attacks.

HAK-IQ was founded on the desire to increase awareness and offer safe, simple solutions for individuals and corporations alike. The current cloud-based climate mandates that we ALL must exercise good cybersecurity hygiene. The ability to integrate 27 years of FBI experience with current events in and around cybersecurity is something that sets John, and HAK-iQ, apart in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity space. John partnered with Black Echo LLC in 2019 and is currently serving as Executive Vice President - CISO for San Diego-based Triden Group, a fast-growing solutions integrator.

John serves on the Board of Advisors for Compliance.ai and is a Distinguished Fellow for Avasant Strategic Advisors.

John is a graduate of James Madison University and currently lives in South Carolina with his wife and two daughters, whose initials spell out the "HAK" in HAK-IQ.

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